Digitavia Named “2015 AV Integrator of the Year”

Digitavia was founded in 2012 with a mission to offer the AV marketplace a fresh, forward-thinking approach to technology and service delivery. By the start of 2014 we had enjoyed two strong years of growth by offering tailored audio-visual conferencing solutions – but the momentum couldn’t last. To maintain our growth rate, we chose to stop doing more of the same and start innovating.

We want our staff to engage with our customers and show passion and enthusiasm when it comes to delivering a great service. To do this, our staff need to feel valued. To transmit this message we operate an EMI share scheme that effectively makes all team members shareholders in the business.

We are always looking to target new markets, especially high-growth new ventures that have record AV use. In 2014, we added three prestigious global organisations to our client portfolio by focusing on how we can help them, rather than how much we can sell to them. We have delivered transformational AV installs in all of these businesses, providing added value, cost savings and higher utilisation of assets.

Our strategy has allowed us to exceed all of our 2014 objectives:

1-PRODUCT: We have been able to bring new technology  to the market in just 18 months, smashing a 3-year development target.

2-GROWTH: We have grown by 60% (against a target of 25%).

3-CUSTOMER BASE: We have added four international clients to our portfolio and have undertaken 25 major worldwide installs. Furthermore, whilst attracting many new customers, we are also keeping existing clients happy with client retention scoring 95%+.

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