Project Management

Our client-centric project management process delivers consistent results for clients worldwide.


  • Single point of contact
  • Efficient communication
  • Guaranteed quality control
  • Commissioning plan

Project Management is key to all of our projects both at a global level and local and our Project Managers have a wide and diverse level of experience across of the discipline’s required to successfully deploy today’s Audio Visual and collaborative solutions on a global scale.


We ensure that a Project Manger is assigned to our client’s project at the earliest stage to ensure good communication and coordination with both the client and others contractors commences at the earliest opportunity thus ensuring the smooth running of the project from day one.


Dedicated Project Manager

A dedicated project manager is committed to managing and working  closely with you, your general contractors and other trades to ensure the successful delivery of your AV installation. Through efficient and consistent communication  your project manager will oversee every phase of your AV installation project until full completion.


Planning Phase

Each project is scalable and adaptable based upon the project size, logistics and complexity. Planning phases are set in place from the earliest stages of your AV installation project to form the groundwork for successfully unfolding the AV services envisioned. This groundwork provides check points throughout the project to pro-actively address any issues or changes that would impede the critical path and successful completion of the project.


Commissioning Plan

The design and technical installation teams guarantee quality control during each phase of the project, from the design phase through to installation and client handover. These consistent results can then be confidently and strategically implemented from office-to-office and region-to-region.